Walt Wilkins Solicitor is a London based Family Mediation Service. Its mediators work in a neutral and balanced way with those involved in a family or relationship breakdown.

Family Mediation London

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Family Mediation London

Divorce and separation can be stressful and painful times in your life, and Walt Wilkins Solicitor Centre London understands. We increase communication and collaborate with you to ensure that your separation or divorce does not damage your family.

Why would you think about family mediation?

Family mediation fosters trust and facilitates greater communication in the future.

Family Mediation is an alternative to the couple’s lawyers fighting in court. Instead, it allows you both to collaborate on mutually beneficial proposals.

Even though there is a separation, parents in Family Mediation can make decisions about involvement and childcare arrangements. The method aids in lessening the negative effects of the divorce on the children.

Family Mediation encourages both parents to work together to achieve their goals, which is a less stressful approach than going to court.

Going to court is a considerably more expensive and time-consuming process than family mediation. We’ve seen customers spend hundreds of thousands of pounds in court. The expense of family mediation is a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Family Mediation takes place over several weeks, so it is faster than court proceedings, which might take several months just to get to the first hearing date.

Family Mediation is strictly confidential, and all meetings take place in a private location.

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Walt Wilkins Solicitor Centre's Background

The mediators at Walt Wilkins Solicitor Centre come from a variety of disciplines, including family law and psychotherapy.

Our Mediators Boston are DBS vetted and have been trained to deal with children.

Walt Wilkins Solicitor Centre collaborates with other divorce professionals to assist you with your divorce or separation. We can connect you with divorce coaches, counsellors, independent financial consultants, pension actuaries, and children experts, for example.

We are accredited Family Mediators who may provide Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) in one of our locations.

We have accredited Family Mediators that serve most of London and certain regions outside of London and can meet our clients’ urgent needs.

Solicitor Walt Wilkins

Walt Wilkins Solicitor is a Family Mediation Service GB. Its mediators work with persons engaged in a family or relationship breakdown in an objective and balanced manner.

Why is Family Mediation used?

Are you in the midst of a relationship breakup?
Have you determined that now is the time to settle conflicts and make plans for your children, property, and finances?
Are you concerned about how long it will take and how much Mediation Birmingham will cost?
Relationship breakdowns are frequently stressful and distressing periods for both you and your ex spouse; feeling befuddled and overwhelmed is usual.

Oxford Family Mediation is a process in which the mediator works in an impartial and balanced manner with people involved in a family or relationship breakdown. Clients choose which topics to discuss, which might include child contact and living arrangements, child maintenance, property and finance, and/or all of these. Choosing family mediation can help you regain control. Nobody will force you to do something that does not feel appropriate in terms of establishing future plans. Before filing a court application to hear your case, a judge will expect you to have considered mediation.

What You Can Expect

If you and your ex-partner decide to retain Walt Wilkins Solicitor, you will be invited to a joint meeting. Mediation meetings can run up to 90 minutes and will begin with your mediator assisting you in identifying the issues, your expectations for a mediated outcome, and any concerns you may have.

What Is The Process?

The entire mediation process has several stages. Initially, the mediator talks with respective parties separately collect all the necessary information, assess them and then agrees mediation can proceed.

This is called a MIAMS mediation assessment meeting.

Then there remains two options – either a face to face mediation (often called as direct mediation also) or shuttle mediation (indirect).

Based on the nature of both parties, this is decided whether face to face or shuttle mediation will be adopted.

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