About Us

About Us

Walt Wilkins Solicitor is a London-based qualified family mediator. She is here to assist you if your relationship has ended but you still need to resolve practical difficulties such as:

  • Where will the children live and how will they get around?
  • Organizing maintenance
  • Organizing the family’s finances
  • Taking care of any debts

Resolving issues via family mediation in Peterborough

Divorce and separation can be really hard for a family. Apart from the emotional stress involved in family law, the court proceedings and hearings can be a nightmare.

Solicitors will generally charge a fortune for their services and that is an additional stress to the already over stressful circumstances.

Family Mediation Peterborough on the other hand can save you from all this trouble and can pave way for a smooth separation, so that you can part ways from your significant other on cordial terms.

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