A Proven Prosecutor

Walt Wilkins is a proven prosecutor who has personally tried over 50 cases and managed hundreds more. During his time as solicitor, he has resolved tens of thousands of warrants. Walt’s office consistently resolves more warrants than it receives each year – processing over 19,000 warrants in 2017. As solicitor, he manages over 160 employees and 50 attorneys.

A Proven Record

– Resolved 80% of criminal cases within 12 months or less – and has resolved more cases than were brought by law enforcement, clearing the backlog and reducing the strain on the legal system
– Lead prosecutor on one of the largest mortgage frauds in SC, a large-scale gambling operation, and a high profile human trafficking case
– Worked with local leaders to dismantle the violent gangs as US Attorney
– Protected business owners with Worthless Check Program by collecting money on bad checks and transferring the funds to the victims
– Returned over $2.5 million to local businesses under the Worthless Check Program
– Developed Drug Court, Veterans Court, Domestic Violence Court, Mental Health Court, and Juvenile Drug court to help reduce recidivism

Protecting Families and Our Children

– Established division to target and prosecute sex crimes, particularly those against children
– Focus prosecution priorities on drug dealers, violent crimes, and gangs
– Expanded the Juvenile Arbitration Program to include Greenville County

Building on Existing Relationships with Law Enforcement

– Routinely advises local and state law enforcement on legal issues concerning investigation and apprehension of criminals
– Served as instructor for fellow prosecutors teaching trial techniques, including how to prepare and try death penalty cases
– Conducted training seminars for South Carolina prosecutors


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Walt Wilkins: This is why I do what I do!

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