Today I was walking into the courthouse after meeting with my Pretrial Diversion Director and I was approached by a mother who asked me if there was any criminal court going on today. I told her that there was not any scheduled criminal court today but how could I help her? She was standing with her 13 year old daughter and told me that there had been an incident last night. She explained that her daughter was at an apartment and someone had reported a robbery. The police arrived and detained her daughter and everyone in the apartment. The police discovered some marijuana and her daughter was charged with giving a false name. She further explained that she had brought her daughter to the court house today so she could see what happens to individuals who break the law.
After further discussion, I told her about my juvenile diversion programs such as Juvenile Arbitration, Operation Get Smart, Prison Tours, Drug Counseling, Mental Health Counseling and Family Reunification. I explained that I developed many of these programs so that we could educate our youth so that they do not end up in our criminal justice system and receive the services they need.
What a great mother who immediately began teaching her 13 year old child about the dangers of her actions. I am honored that this office has such a direct impact in helping our youth find a way to a fulfilling and successful life.
I will continue to fight for our most valuable assets, our next generation. This is why I do what I do!